Tickets now on sale

Hello! We finally made it through January and it's been a busy month.

Tickets for 2024 are now on sale! You can book online and choose from a Saturday, Sunday, or Weekend ticket. The Weekend ticket allows you entry across both days. We don't charge a booking fee, and your payment is made securely through SumUp or PayPal.

We ask you to choose which day you're attending so we can plan properly. If you change your mind, we can change the day on your ticket.

Tickets are limited to prevent overcrowding. We'll email again if we're getting close to the limit. If we sell out of prepaid tickets, we won't be selling tickets on the door - again, we'll email to let you know if that's the case.

Quiet Hour

This year you can book a 'Quiet Hour' ticket, for people who struggle in large crowds. It will be 9am-10am on Sunday morning.

Tickets are limited for this time slot, for obvious reasons, so we recommend booking early if you'd like one.


Our exhibitor list is now live! You can view who's coming this year. We've got over 80 stands attending this year, including demonstrations and livestock.


We intend to run workshops this year and have secured space at the venue to do so. We're still finalising the schedule and will release it very soon.

If you want to attend a workshop, you might want to wait before you book your tickets to check what day you want to attend. Alternatively, you could choose a Weekend ticket, which grants you entry on both days.

That's all for now - we hope to see you soon!
Cumbrian Wool Gathering
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