Can you help us find someone special?

Hello! We have a couple of requests that we hope you can help us with. 🤞

Wool winder

At Cumbrian Wool Gathering 2023, somebody approached us offering to run a wool winding service this year. We wrote down the details somewhere, but we own approximately 3,671 notebooks and can't remember which one came with us to the show. Completely our fault!

If this was you, or somebody you know, please get in touch again.


We're looking for a photographer (or two) for the event. 📸

We'll pay (obviously!) but this is a fantastic opportunity for somebody who wants to expand their portfolio. We'd love to be able to support somebody local to the area! We'll also cover travel and food costs.

We'll use the photos on our website, social media, and in marketing, but will also provide credit where they are used.

If you're interested, send us a message.

If neither of these things applies then thanks for reading, but it would also help if you could spread the word 💚
Cumbrian Wool Gathering
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